Our company offers financing through our trusted partner "Rocket Loans"

Setting the realistic budget for the project is extremely important !
In its simplest form, your maximum budget consists of how much cash you are able and willing to put into a project, plus how much you are able to borrow. I
f you plan to start the project soon, the best way to determine your borrowing limits is to fill out our application online and so we could quickly determine your eligibility and get you approved for the construction financing. Approvals typically last for 30-90 days, and can usually be renewed easily if they expire. How much will you need? The flip side of the coin is establishing how much you will realistically need for the project you have in mind – must consider both the costs of construction, plus the costs such as cabinetry, counter tops, tile, plumbing fixtures and etc. As you establish a ballpark estimate for your project, you may find that you need to raise more money or scale back your project to make ends meet.
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